Super excited to kick start a new innings as i foray and delve into the world of blogging. This was something that i have been procrastinating for a while now and I’m elated that i finally decided to take action as i write my first post.

Now, I understand that one would be intrigued as to why name it : lifein22yardsandbeyond; well simply because that’s what sums me up as a person. Being an ardent Cricket fan and a humble student of the game, I have learned many a life lessons in those revered 22 yards on the Cricket field. Fitness, Health and Nutrition have been the natural offshoots emanating from the Cricketing background. Apart from this i occasionally pen down my thoughts in the form of a poem when the creative juices are flowing high. Recently i have realized the magic of turning inward and that is where the Spiritual part comes in.

So be with me in the coming times as i share my thoughts on a variety of topics and enthrall you all with great content.