Tides rising above the horizon,
immensity of water makes one frighten;
it's never tiring spirit captivating,
water gushing down the beach for mating.

Turbulence in the sea during the monsoon,
intensity heightened on full moon;
constant flirting with the sand dune,
while dancing to its own tune.

From the day's land breeze,
to the night's sea breeze;
interplay of high-low pressure,
amidst all this sea being the aggressor.
Days of peace and seclusion, 
basking in the romantic delusion;
feeling of water touching the feet,
something that can't be beat.

During the monsoon the sea being anything but affable,
for the violence in it easily palpable;
it sucks you in with it's enigma,
yet never ceases to bowl you over with it's charisma.
The beauty it holds is unlike anything seen,
albeit quashing your ego to smithereens;
the sea sings it's own carol,
embrace it at your own peril.



Water is one of the five elements that provide the foundation for the entire physical world. The human body is approximately 2/3rd water and it comes as no surprise that our body has a certain capability to connect with water in a profound way. It has a soothing effect and can help in relieving stress just by mere sitting besides a water body. The benefits of swimming are widely known and is regarded as one of the best forms of exercise for the human body. Taking it further people started experimenting with other forms of exercise like Aerobics inside the water and Aqua Aerobics started to be a rage amongst fitness enthusiasts. Aqua Gym which basically means doing gym based movements inside water also started and has slowly become a hit for its varied benefits. Although Aqua Aerobics has hit the Indian shores for sometime now, Aqua Gym is a totally new concept to be introduced in India.

For the very first time in India, Aqua Gym opened this season at Vasant Continental in New Delhi named Aqua Studio. Anirudh Tripathi who has been a National Swimmer of repute has pioneered for this cause and his relentless efforts have paved the way for successfully setting up Aqua Studio.

The Man, The Myth : Anirudh Tripathi

It is interesting to note that our bodies weigh a sixth of its mass once inside water and the movements become easier. However, the water creates a higher resistance than air and makes the muscles work way harder. Due to the resistance of water, each movement massages and drains the skin surface which in turn stimulates blood flow, reducing water retention and busting cellulite. The Aqua Gym sessions help in toning the arms and shoulders, slim the waist, tone the chest and buttocks and strengthens the back and abdominal muscles. The combination of strength and cardio workouts mixed with water resistance is an intense workout for the entire body and helps burn off calories. The biggest benefit of Aqua Gym is that it is less taxing on the joints as it exerts less pressure on them and reduces the chances of injury as compared to land based exercise regime. Hydrotherapy is even good for athletes recovering from an injury and it helps immensely in getting them back in shape faster and more efficiently. Exercising in the water provides resistance throughout the range of motion with 360 degree of resistance for all movements, providing a closed chain, Hydrokinetic exercise. The principles of relative density, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, surface tension, viscosity and resistance which happen to be the natural properties associated with water aid in achieving the therapeutic benefits in a safe environment. Additionally working out in the water is a refreshing change from the mundane workout routine inside the closed confines of a gym. This latest fitness trend is already the talk of the town and is definitely going to grow in the coming years for the wide array of benefits it has to offer.

Click on the above link for a glimpse of the Aqua Studio at Vasant Continental