That waking up before the sun
getting the work done
sweat your only companion
and it too leaves you
out in the crowd you aspire to shine
but in putting the hard yards when alone, why whine?

Without the need of an outside stimulus
find that motivation within
conquer your own demons first
push yourself to the hilt
everyone maybe against you now
persevere and in your favour the world shall soon tilt.

Every minute you put forth counts
don't think it'll go to waste
great things do take time
it never happens in haste.

Doing the same thing everyday
is boring only if you don't want it badly enough
the grind in itself is a love affair
and in it, everything's only fair.

The lures of life and many a pitfalls along the way
the grind truly tests your character
"no one's really watching,
let's skip the session today"
don't be fooled, it ain't blind
there's no cheating THE GRIND. 


A thought overdrive
an emotional frenzy
of broken promises
but there was love, right
and love never hurts
nothing to lose, only to gain
then what causes the searing pain?

Oh! The unexpected realm reared it's ugly head
only yourself to be blamed
after all with your silly expectations
was this monster continuously fed.

The source of your trepidation
isn't somewhere else but within
relationships would breathe easy
but sadly, this limitation
they do choke
under the crippling weight of expectations.


Of inner voices
the self destructive vices
the sinister design
makes one whine
when in line
makes one shine
the endless chatter
even mind over matter
all a manifestation of the inner voices
comes to the rescue in crisis
sometimes detrimental
sometimes therapeutical
from rage
to sage
of love and hate
insignificant to great
the innate power of the inner voices
a plethora of choices
choose wisely with a plan
for the inner voices maketh the man


Frantically walking up and down
unable to settle down at one place,
comfort of the chair too uneasy
mind chatters at a rapid pace.

Trying to put pen to paper
the words won't come out,
putting thoughts into perspective
seems to be an endless bout.

Days run into nights
time becomes irrelevant,
nothing substantial yields
even as the writer galavant.

In a perennial quest for the right words
the writer goes through a lot,
not a good place to be in
where the ideas just rot.

Damned to be stuck in the writer's block
but not doomed for life,
the words shall flow again
and put an end to all the strife.


An inexplicable bonding beyond family,
a connection so profound,
friendship is an end in itself,
the spell it casts is unbound.

Sail through the ups and downs of life,
with a friend in tow,
be thankful for having one,
soar to newer highs from every low.

A friend accepts you the way you are,
rather than what they want you to be,
this quality being so rare,
makes you shed your ego of 'me'.

Friendship being an informal relation,
there isn't anything to hide,
let all your troubles out,
for in friends you confide.

The banter that goes around,
is unlike in any other relation,
away from all the sorrows,
filled with joy and elation.

A true friend believes in you when no one does,
the underlying factor being trust,
an assured aide to fall back upon,
for the faith shown in you is robust.

True friendship endures for a lifetime,
it's sweetness grows with each passing day,
the mutual admiration being sky high,
it knows the route to your heart's way.

Let friends be your companions for life,
for they dismiss every uncalled for blip,
set sail with them to uncharted terrains
and cruise down the life on 'friend'ship.