A heinous crime to an act of kindness,
the halo around to the inner darkness;
from compulsiveness to consciousness,
letting go to obsessiveness;
inconspicuous obscurity to brightly illuminate,
from a small thought it all emanate.
Building castles in thin air,
the prospect of living in them rare;
living a mundane life to living for glory,
a peaceful world to one of gory;
with a prejudiced thought,
many a battle have been fought.

Like the plethora of waves in oceans,
a random thought evokes an array of emotions;
burn yourself up or happily bloom,
good and evil nurture in thought's womb;
a thought finds expression in action,
let it be one of satisfaction.


Dusk to dawn and everything in between,
duality of life is everywhere to be seen.
Life goes by with every breath,
for every birth there is death.
Yin&Yang and the balance of life,
from harmony to all the strife.
Life's wave goes through crest and trough,
to counter hate, love is enough.
Negative-positive merely a perception,
the real truth is a big deception.
For every good there is an evil,
belief in God quashes the fear of the devil.
Bitter-sweet symphony of life,
cuts through the razor sharp knife.
Beautiful-ugly only in the eyes of the beholder,
life favours the one who plays it bolder.
The opposing forces are complimentary in nature,
embracing the duality of life is one hell of an adventure.


Hatred loves to hate,
Love hates none.
When both mate,
What's left in one?

Hate's friends with negativity,
robs you of your judgement.
Love's friends with positivity,
leads to fulfillment.

Hatred is a vicious trap,
Love is the saviour.
Hate is full of crap,
Love reeks of decent behaviour.

Hate seeks revenge,
burns you in it's own fire.
Love knows no avenge,
is a trait to admire.

Hate is full of gloom,
with no light at the end of the tunnel.
Love is an exotic bloom,
with only sweetness going through the funnel.

May the hate in you suffer a natural death,
leaving behind a pious soul.
May the love nurture with every breath,
bringing you out of the deep hole.