Frantically walking up and down
unable to settle down at one place,
comfort of the chair too uneasy
mind chatters at a rapid pace.

Trying to put pen to paper
the words won't come out,
putting thoughts into perspective
seems to be an endless bout.

Days run into nights
time becomes irrelevant,
nothing substantial yields
even as the writer galavant.

In a perennial quest for the right words
the writer goes through a lot,
not a good place to be in
where the ideas just rot.

Damned to be stuck in the writer's block
but not doomed for life,
the words shall flow again
and put an end to all the strife.



The winning high 
the losing low,
the ecstasy
the agony,
the adrenaline rush
the deafening hush,
one elated
other gutted,
intriguing battle
nerve wrecking contest,
an emotional roller coaster
not for the faint hearted,
display of skills
of physical prowess
of mental acuity,
with right attitude
enduring with great fortitude,
the weight of a crushing defeat
too heavy for the soul,
turning it around
coming out of a big hole,
not to be acquiescent
but perseverant,
win or lose
be graceful,
for that's the essence of competing
your day shall come soon
to redeem yourself from all the gloom.


Walking on a tight rope
hoping against all hope,
expecting things to go your way
through the rigours of the day,
from a pessimistic mope
to one with an optimistic hope,
the transition massive
requires action rather than being passive,
just hoping won't help
no matter how much you yelp,
through the hard work, strive
although the sky being murky, drive
constant effort in order to thrive
while keeping the flickering flame of hope alive.


Me and my sisters
A relation most genuine, 
for it being consanguine;
since childhood partners in crime,
the bond endures through time.

Everlasting pillars of strength,
even though not at arm's length;
the soulful connection,
despite being in life's different direction.

From the playful exuberance, 
starting before pubescence;
to the serious conversations,
On life's undulating situations.
Much appreciated for being such a sport,
a constant source of support;
stand by you through thick and thin,
always there for you as they are your kin.
This love is beyond comparison,
both would vouch for it in unison;
together no less than a cavalry,
bask in the sibling revelry.

In the Indian tradition today is the day that signifies the importance of brother-sister relationship and is called Rakshabandhan. ‘Raksha’ means to protect and ‘Bandhan’ means the bond that binds. Sisters tie a thread on brother’s wrist called RAKHI and the brothers vow to protect them.

I have been blessed to have three elder sisters who have showered me with so much love throughout and are my pillars of strength. My today’s post is a tribute to this wonderful relationship between brothers and sisters.


Tides rising above the horizon,
immensity of water makes one frighten;
it's never tiring spirit captivating,
water gushing down the beach for mating.

Turbulence in the sea during the monsoon,
intensity heightened on full moon;
constant flirting with the sand dune,
while dancing to its own tune.

From the day's land breeze,
to the night's sea breeze;
interplay of high-low pressure,
amidst all this sea being the aggressor.
Days of peace and seclusion, 
basking in the romantic delusion;
feeling of water touching the feet,
something that can't be beat.

During the monsoon the sea being anything but affable,
for the violence in it easily palpable;
it sucks you in with it's enigma,
yet never ceases to bowl you over with it's charisma.
The beauty it holds is unlike anything seen,
albeit quashing your ego to smithereens;
the sea sings it's own carol,
embrace it at your own peril.


Moving with a purpose along the glory road,
hitting the social potholes,
overcoming all obstacles so far,
only to be stuck at life's crossroads.
Having come a long way,
never with an intention to turn back,
just when it's all coming together,
distracting viewpoints from all across gather.

The social set up attempts to fetter the soul,
the endeavour being to break free,
this constant tussle taking a heavy toll,
that too when it's time to roll.
Left and right are 'supposedly' greener pastures,
easier paths with fewer challenges,
challenges never deterred the will,
lack of belief shown however isn't fitting the bill.


A heinous crime to an act of kindness,
the halo around to the inner darkness;
from compulsiveness to consciousness,
letting go to obsessiveness;
inconspicuous obscurity to brightly illuminate,
from a small thought it all emanate.
Building castles in thin air,
the prospect of living in them rare;
living a mundane life to living for glory,
a peaceful world to one of gory;
with a prejudiced thought,
many a battle have been fought.

Like the plethora of waves in oceans,
a random thought evokes an array of emotions;
burn yourself up or happily bloom,
good and evil nurture in thought's womb;
a thought finds expression in action,
let it be one of satisfaction.


An inexplicable bonding beyond family,
a connection so profound,
friendship is an end in itself,
the spell it casts is unbound.

Sail through the ups and downs of life,
with a friend in tow,
be thankful for having one,
soar to newer highs from every low.

A friend accepts you the way you are,
rather than what they want you to be,
this quality being so rare,
makes you shed your ego of 'me'.

Friendship being an informal relation,
there isn't anything to hide,
let all your troubles out,
for in friends you confide.

The banter that goes around,
is unlike in any other relation,
away from all the sorrows,
filled with joy and elation.

A true friend believes in you when no one does,
the underlying factor being trust,
an assured aide to fall back upon,
for the faith shown in you is robust.

True friendship endures for a lifetime,
it's sweetness grows with each passing day,
the mutual admiration being sky high,
it knows the route to your heart's way.

Let friends be your companions for life,
for they dismiss every uncalled for blip,
set sail with them to uncharted terrains
and cruise down the life on 'friend'ship.


Dusk to dawn and everything in between,
duality of life is everywhere to be seen.
Life goes by with every breath,
for every birth there is death.
Yin&Yang and the balance of life,
from harmony to all the strife.
Life's wave goes through crest and trough,
to counter hate, love is enough.
Negative-positive merely a perception,
the real truth is a big deception.
For every good there is an evil,
belief in God quashes the fear of the devil.
Bitter-sweet symphony of life,
cuts through the razor sharp knife.
Beautiful-ugly only in the eyes of the beholder,
life favours the one who plays it bolder.
The opposing forces are complimentary in nature,
embracing the duality of life is one hell of an adventure.


Bound with the fetters of ego,
lying down in the dungeons of self inflicted misery,
intoxicated with self-conceit,
consumed with perpetual darkness in a state of jittery.

The shackles of ego,
being so heavy,
leave you poorer,
with the huge tax they levy.

Inebriated with the heightened sense of ego,
unable to look beyond oneself,
it's hangover haunts for a longtime,
although initially it seems an end in itself.

Ego only knows to burn,
causing more damage where it manifests,
such is the power in the latent heat of ego,
one's own character it truly tests.

Egotistical overtones reek of negativity,
showcasing the hollowness within,
disliked for what it has to offer,
from the very start as it sets in.

From ego to humility,
may the transition be in a zip,
for it's going to be worth it,
to trip over the 'ego trip'.

Beauty beyond words

She flows like the wind,
for the critics she's thick skinned.
She's distinctly affable,
her energy so palpable.
She's a star for many,
yet as humble as any.
Her looks are pure gold,
it's a sight to behold.
It's lovely to see her cheering,
for her smile is endearing.
She'll bowl you over with her charming presence,
her nature however is her true essence.
Her eyes reveal an intense story,
she's well on her way to glory.
Falling for her is so obvious,
but she's anything than curious.
She shines like a star tossed upon the heavenly sky,
her free spirit attitude gives her wings to fly.
Savour the moments while she adds to your delights,
for she's set to soar to greater heights.


Doubt and Faith are on the opposite ends of the spectrum and both just can’t stand each other. When doubt sets in, it gags on the faith. Where there’s unwavering faith, doubt is no where to be seen. Both these human emotions loathe each other and can’t co-exist. Doubt destroys whatever comes in it’s way while faith is the instrument that builds bridges of trust, love and harmony. Self-doubt can be crippling while having faith in one’s own capabilities can be empowering. Faith is the crest while doubt is the trough on the wave of life. Doubt asks some serious questions which faith answers with humility. Doubt’s hate for faith is immense but even then faith’s love for doubt is unbridled. Doubt holds an aversion for the belief system while faith makes you believe in the endless possibilities. Faith gives you wings to fly whereas doubt is too scared to take off. Doubt resists life, faith on the other hand embraces life. Doubt lingers on insignificantly while faith thrives with significance. Doubt attracts as it takes less time to acquire, faith takes the road less travelled and takes a lot of time but for sure is enduring. Keeping the flame of faith alive amidst the winds of doubt is an arduous task but the effort is worth it. Break up with doubt and let faith be your companion for life.