That waking up before the sun
getting the work done
sweat your only companion
and it too leaves you
out in the crowd you aspire to shine
but in putting the hard yards when alone, why whine?

Without the need of an outside stimulus
find that motivation within
conquer your own demons first
push yourself to the hilt
everyone maybe against you now
persevere and in your favour the world shall soon tilt.

Every minute you put forth counts
don't think it'll go to waste
great things do take time
it never happens in haste.

Doing the same thing everyday
is boring only if you don't want it badly enough
the grind in itself is a love affair
and in it, everything's only fair.

The lures of life and many a pitfalls along the way
the grind truly tests your character
"no one's really watching,
let's skip the session today"
don't be fooled, it ain't blind
there's no cheating THE GRIND. 


A thought overdrive
an emotional frenzy
of broken promises
but there was love, right
and love never hurts
nothing to lose, only to gain
then what causes the searing pain?

Oh! The unexpected realm reared it's ugly head
only yourself to be blamed
after all with your silly expectations
was this monster continuously fed.

The source of your trepidation
isn't somewhere else but within
relationships would breathe easy
but sadly, this limitation
they do choke
under the crippling weight of expectations.


A seed cracks up, loses itself
for it yearns to be a tree
from beneath the mud
to soaring high up above
the flowers now bloom from the bud.

The journey continues
the flower bears fruit
the seed finds it's greatest expression
it's sacrifice was worth it
adhering to the natural progression.

From a seed to the fruit
the journey wasn't easy
with summers soaking up the moisture
the winters laden with frost
it patiently waited for the monsoon
but it was gone too soon
made most of what it got
and never complained
happily shed it's leaves in the autumn
for it knew spring shall also come.

The seed taught us
to diligently take each step on the path
to accept and embrace whatever comes it's way
You too my friend, learn from it
stay on course, don't digress
endure - greatness is around the corner
just follow THE PROCESS. 


My father left for his heavenly abode on April 24, 2009
About a morning walk
not far from home,
a lush green park
the scene of exit ,
with a few neem leaves 
in the palms and mouth,
a final exhalation
no next inhalation,
he fell to the ground,
I lost my father
the mother earth took back it's son.


Life's apparently on a pause
with no air miles to clock
within the confines of the four walls
we yearn to be set free
invisible to the naked eye
a virus did this to us
what else can we do now
than just simply be.

On what once was a busy road
a bewildered peacock opens up it's wings
dancing in it's full glory
ignorant to the existence of other creatures
we came thus far
busy with geo-politics
and fighting countless wars.

Handshakes - a thing of the past
 the good 'ol 'NAMASKAR' - the new cool
hugs and kisses, expressions of love no more
social distancing the new norm.

Are the stars shining brighter these days?
Are the rivers cleaner now?
Polluted with our unconscious actions
the veil of ignorance blinded us for long.

Exposing the human frailty
this Covid-19 pandemic winning on many counts
accounting for lives and jolting the economy
Yes, this too shall pass
let it not break us
rather make us
nothing stronger than cohesive human resolve
amidst the lockdown
may the humanity truly evolve.


"Keep lying on the bed, it's still dark"
a timid voice in my head rages on
not falling for the trap again
I choose to wake up and embrace life.

The brain waves move from theta to alpha to beta
reminding me of my physical existence
being alive this very moment
fills my heart with gratitude.

A walk outside 
witnessing the beauty of the pre-dawn sky
a constant exchange with the trees
thanking them to let me breathe.

And now Yoga- the ultimate union
the interplay of five elements
with every breath I take
with every posture I make
the very root of my existence shaken to the core
the reverberation along the spine
life energies at their peak
an experiential state of bliss
beyond the ecstasy of any passionate kiss.

As the dawn sets in 
the birds chirp effervescently
the sun keeps it's promise to rise again
Aloha! It's a new day, yes it is.

Oblivious no more 
to what this time has to offer
access to the mystical dimensions and much more beyond the scope of words
it all happens here


From an obedient child
to a nagging youth
the rigours of time played it's part
her love only grew with time
ourightly sublime.

How she gets to know of my pain
merely by talking on phone
something that's still beyond me
in the midst of all the storm
her lap continues the most comfortable place to be.

Her frail body needs to slowdown
but she just won't budge
working round the clock
by her age you can't judge.

Gentle and kind
yet fierce when the need be
she's one strong resolute woman
grateful to be her son.

Her ubiquitous presence in my life
heals all my wounds
blessed by her divine grace
the magic of mother's embrace.