Life's apparently on a pause
with no air miles to clock
within the confines of the four walls
we yearn to be set free
invisible to the naked eye
a virus did this to us
what else can we do now
than just simply be.

On what once was a busy road
a bewildered peacock opens up it's wings
dancing in it's full glory
ignorant to the existence of other creatures
we came thus far
busy with geo-politics
and fighting countless wars.

Handshakes - a thing of the past
 the good 'ol 'NAMASKAR' - the new cool
hugs and kisses, expressions of love no more
social distancing the new norm.

Are the stars shining brighter these days?
Are the rivers cleaner now?
Polluted with our unconscious actions
the veil of ignorance blinded us for long.

Exposing the human frailty
this Covid-19 pandemic winning on many counts
accounting for lives and jolting the economy
Yes, this too shall pass
let it not break us
rather make us
nothing stronger than cohesive human resolve
amidst the lockdown
may the humanity truly evolve.