"Keep lying on the bed, it's still dark"
a timid voice in my head rages on
not falling for the trap again
I choose to wake up and embrace life.

The brain waves move from theta to alpha to beta
reminding me of my physical existence
being alive this very moment
fills my heart with gratitude.

A walk outside 
witnessing the beauty of the pre-dawn sky
a constant exchange with the trees
thanking them to let me breathe.

And now Yoga- the ultimate union
the interplay of five elements
with every breath I take
with every posture I make
the very root of my existence shaken to the core
the reverberation along the spine
life energies at their peak
an experiential state of bliss
beyond the ecstasy of any passionate kiss.

As the dawn sets in 
the birds chirp effervescently
the sun keeps it's promise to rise again
Aloha! It's a new day, yes it is.

Oblivious no more 
to what this time has to offer
access to the mystical dimensions and much more beyond the scope of words
it all happens here



Clouds take over the sky,
with a promise to be kept,
they open up with a thunderous cry,
with every drop they wept.

As it starts to drizzle,
it brings along a cool breeze,
a relief from the sun's sizzle,
it makes the heat cease.

Birds chirp with effervescence,
humans erupt with joy,
such powerful is it's presence,
after all it's nature's ploy.

Dull mood lightens,
as it makes you drench,
sombreness in the sky heightens,
yet fulfilling the earth's quench.

With the sun peeping through the clouds,
the magic of the seven colours in the sky unfold,
much to the delight of the crowds,
the rainbow depicts a story untold.

From agony of the summer,
to the ecstasy of the monsoon,
much changes from the hopeless bummer,
and the balance it brings about is a big boon.

The air seems to be tinged with romantic delusions,
it's for one to savour,
riddled with it's own illusions,
it's nature's finest flavour.

Rain Rain go away,
only with a promise to be back soon,
for you offer a comforting array,
amidst all the gloom.