The past memories
some bitter some sweet,
rekindling the fire
a feeling that can't be beat.

Evoking an array of extreme emotions
of love and hate,
a wistful smile across the face
being ever so great.

What seemed surreal back then
makes perfect sense now,
can't help but think of it
even the heart does allow.

The hysteria around it
the frenzy and all the craze,
a world of it's own
Nostalgia never ceases to amaze.


Of inner voices
the self destructive vices
the sinister design
makes one whine
when in line
makes one shine
the endless chatter
even mind over matter
all a manifestation of the inner voices
comes to the rescue in crisis
sometimes detrimental
sometimes therapeutical
from rage
to sage
of love and hate
insignificant to great
the innate power of the inner voices
a plethora of choices
choose wisely with a plan
for the inner voices maketh the man


The winning high 
the losing low,
the ecstasy
the agony,
the adrenaline rush
the deafening hush,
one elated
other gutted,
intriguing battle
nerve wrecking contest,
an emotional roller coaster
not for the faint hearted,
display of skills
of physical prowess
of mental acuity,
with right attitude
enduring with great fortitude,
the weight of a crushing defeat
too heavy for the soul,
turning it around
coming out of a big hole,
not to be acquiescent
but perseverant,
win or lose
be graceful,
for that's the essence of competing
your day shall come soon
to redeem yourself from all the gloom.