Of inner voices
the self destructive vices
the sinister design
makes one whine
when in line
makes one shine
the endless chatter
even mind over matter
all a manifestation of the inner voices
comes to the rescue in crisis
sometimes detrimental
sometimes therapeutical
from rage
to sage
of love and hate
insignificant to great
the innate power of the inner voices
a plethora of choices
choose wisely with a plan
for the inner voices maketh the man


Me and my sisters
A relation most genuine, 
for it being consanguine;
since childhood partners in crime,
the bond endures through time.

Everlasting pillars of strength,
even though not at arm's length;
the soulful connection,
despite being in life's different direction.

From the playful exuberance, 
starting before pubescence;
to the serious conversations,
On life's undulating situations.
Much appreciated for being such a sport,
a constant source of support;
stand by you through thick and thin,
always there for you as they are your kin.
This love is beyond comparison,
both would vouch for it in unison;
together no less than a cavalry,
bask in the sibling revelry.

In the Indian tradition today is the day that signifies the importance of brother-sister relationship and is called Rakshabandhan. ‘Raksha’ means to protect and ‘Bandhan’ means the bond that binds. Sisters tie a thread on brother’s wrist called RAKHI and the brothers vow to protect them.

I have been blessed to have three elder sisters who have showered me with so much love throughout and are my pillars of strength. My today’s post is a tribute to this wonderful relationship between brothers and sisters.


Hatred loves to hate,
Love hates none.
When both mate,
What's left in one?

Hate's friends with negativity,
robs you of your judgement.
Love's friends with positivity,
leads to fulfillment.

Hatred is a vicious trap,
Love is the saviour.
Hate is full of crap,
Love reeks of decent behaviour.

Hate seeks revenge,
burns you in it's own fire.
Love knows no avenge,
is a trait to admire.

Hate is full of gloom,
with no light at the end of the tunnel.
Love is an exotic bloom,
with only sweetness going through the funnel.

May the hate in you suffer a natural death,
leaving behind a pious soul.
May the love nurture with every breath,
bringing you out of the deep hole.