An inexplicable bonding beyond family,
a connection so profound,
friendship is an end in itself,
the spell it casts is unbound.

Sail through the ups and downs of life,
with a friend in tow,
be thankful for having one,
soar to newer highs from every low.

A friend accepts you the way you are,
rather than what they want you to be,
this quality being so rare,
makes you shed your ego of 'me'.

Friendship being an informal relation,
there isn't anything to hide,
let all your troubles out,
for in friends you confide.

The banter that goes around,
is unlike in any other relation,
away from all the sorrows,
filled with joy and elation.

A true friend believes in you when no one does,
the underlying factor being trust,
an assured aide to fall back upon,
for the faith shown in you is robust.

True friendship endures for a lifetime,
it's sweetness grows with each passing day,
the mutual admiration being sky high,
it knows the route to your heart's way.

Let friends be your companions for life,
for they dismiss every uncalled for blip,
set sail with them to uncharted terrains
and cruise down the life on 'friend'ship.


Dusk to dawn and everything in between,
duality of life is everywhere to be seen.
Life goes by with every breath,
for every birth there is death.
Yin&Yang and the balance of life,
from harmony to all the strife.
Life's wave goes through crest and trough,
to counter hate, love is enough.
Negative-positive merely a perception,
the real truth is a big deception.
For every good there is an evil,
belief in God quashes the fear of the devil.
Bitter-sweet symphony of life,
cuts through the razor sharp knife.
Beautiful-ugly only in the eyes of the beholder,
life favours the one who plays it bolder.
The opposing forces are complimentary in nature,
embracing the duality of life is one hell of an adventure.


Bound with the fetters of ego,
lying down in the dungeons of self inflicted misery,
intoxicated with self-conceit,
consumed with perpetual darkness in a state of jittery.

The shackles of ego,
being so heavy,
leave you poorer,
with the huge tax they levy.

Inebriated with the heightened sense of ego,
unable to look beyond oneself,
it's hangover haunts for a longtime,
although initially it seems an end in itself.

Ego only knows to burn,
causing more damage where it manifests,
such is the power in the latent heat of ego,
one's own character it truly tests.

Egotistical overtones reek of negativity,
showcasing the hollowness within,
disliked for what it has to offer,
from the very start as it sets in.

From ego to humility,
may the transition be in a zip,
for it's going to be worth it,
to trip over the 'ego trip'.


We as humans always have the longing to push our boundaries and strive for expansion in all walks of life. This is the most fundamental aspect of human beings that they have the conscious desire to reach out and explore newer dimensions of life. Nothing wrong with that at all but in doing so what’s the attitude like, is what defines an individual. People who practice gratitude in everything they do are the ones who are most admired and whatever they achieve seems to be more significant for the lives they touch through their acts. Being thankful for the little things in life goes on in making the life much larger and blissful.

The whole perception of looking at things changes once someone starts to be grateful for everything that this magnificent life has to offer. Well it’s not something that comes naturally but once someone starts to accept their fallacies and look at things just the way they are rather than trying to find fault with them, then gradually over a period of time the seed of gratitude starts to find expression. Once that happens life becomes less burdensome and more enjoyable. A sense of reverence sets in for this wonderful creation and the way you connect with everything around you changes drastically. Contempt and hatred for others starts waning and subsequently turns to love and respect. You learn to embrace life like never before and that in itself is a wonderful thing that can possibly happen to someone. By adopting GRATITUDE IN ATTITUDE you not only become thankful but also more receptive in life. It’s an experiential thing and once someone cultivates this quality then the fruits they get from it are very sweet. May you taste this sweetness that’s so apparent and abundant in life.


Doubt and Faith are on the opposite ends of the spectrum and both just can’t stand each other. When doubt sets in, it gags on the faith. Where there’s unwavering faith, doubt is no where to be seen. Both these human emotions loathe each other and can’t co-exist. Doubt destroys whatever comes in it’s way while faith is the instrument that builds bridges of trust, love and harmony. Self-doubt can be crippling while having faith in one’s own capabilities can be empowering. Faith is the crest while doubt is the trough on the wave of life. Doubt asks some serious questions which faith answers with humility. Doubt’s hate for faith is immense but even then faith’s love for doubt is unbridled. Doubt holds an aversion for the belief system while faith makes you believe in the endless possibilities. Faith gives you wings to fly whereas doubt is too scared to take off. Doubt resists life, faith on the other hand embraces life. Doubt lingers on insignificantly while faith thrives with significance. Doubt attracts as it takes less time to acquire, faith takes the road less travelled and takes a lot of time but for sure is enduring. Keeping the flame of faith alive amidst the winds of doubt is an arduous task but the effort is worth it. Break up with doubt and let faith be your companion for life.