A thought overdrive
an emotional frenzy
of broken promises
but there was love, right
and love never hurts
nothing to lose, only to gain
then what causes the searing pain?

Oh! The unexpected realm reared it's ugly head
only yourself to be blamed
after all with your silly expectations
was this monster continuously fed.

The source of your trepidation
isn't somewhere else but within
relationships would breathe easy
but sadly, this limitation
they do choke
under the crippling weight of expectations.


A seed cracks up, loses itself
for it yearns to be a tree
from beneath the mud
to soaring high up above
the flowers now bloom from the bud.

The journey continues
the flower bears fruit
the seed finds it's greatest expression
it's sacrifice was worth it
adhering to the natural progression.

From a seed to the fruit
the journey wasn't easy
with summers soaking up the moisture
the winters laden with frost
it patiently waited for the monsoon
but it was gone too soon
made most of what it got
and never complained
happily shed it's leaves in the autumn
for it knew spring shall also come.

The seed taught us
to diligently take each step on the path
to accept and embrace whatever comes it's way
You too my friend, learn from it
stay on course, don't digress
endure - greatness is around the corner
just follow THE PROCESS. 


My father left for his heavenly abode on April 24, 2009
About a morning walk
not far from home,
a lush green park
the scene of exit ,
with a few neem leaves 
in the palms and mouth,
a final exhalation
no next inhalation,
he fell to the ground,
I lost my father
the mother earth took back it's son.


Life's apparently on a pause
with no air miles to clock
within the confines of the four walls
we yearn to be set free
invisible to the naked eye
a virus did this to us
what else can we do now
than just simply be.

On what once was a busy road
a bewildered peacock opens up it's wings
dancing in it's full glory
ignorant to the existence of other creatures
we came thus far
busy with geo-politics
and fighting countless wars.

Handshakes - a thing of the past
 the good 'ol 'NAMASKAR' - the new cool
hugs and kisses, expressions of love no more
social distancing the new norm.

Are the stars shining brighter these days?
Are the rivers cleaner now?
Polluted with our unconscious actions
the veil of ignorance blinded us for long.

Exposing the human frailty
this Covid-19 pandemic winning on many counts
accounting for lives and jolting the economy
Yes, this too shall pass
let it not break us
rather make us
nothing stronger than cohesive human resolve
amidst the lockdown
may the humanity truly evolve.


A love so profound
an unwavering belief
trust beyond doubt
devotion - unlike anything found.

Undeterred by life's tribulations
eclipsing all fears
the righteous path to glory
stillness amidst motion
nothing significant achieved
without a sense of devotion.

Being a devotee - the way to be
no putting life on pause
for it's meant to flow
no holding back
just surrender to the cause.


The vagaries of life
never ceasing to amaze,
sorrow one moment, joy the other
roller coaster delusional haze.

What comes our way
isn't entirely our making,
what we make of it
certainly is,
not to be retrograde
be joyful instead
it' time to upgrade.

Smile and laughter- the elixir of life
perpetually happy the way to be,
just be fully aware
life's meant to be a joyous affair.


Working out the pros and cons
putting life on hold,
something that's ought to be done
can't be left undone.

The fear of what's going to happen
robs us of the wonderful possibilities,
the negativity it gives birth to
not in tune with the best of our abilities.

By the time realization kicks in
it's often too late,
sunset's an everyday phenomenon
time passes by
it just won't wait.

Say it, do it
whatever you've been holding onto,
unshackle yourself of all the doubt,
put an end to procrastination
for life's meant to flow
this being the essence of creation


A day still unborn
yet casting shadows of uncertainty,
of endless possibilities dying a premature death
only to be left forlorn.

Looming large in psyche
making one vexed,
promises to be kept
that never see light of the day,
ultimately axed.

What could have, would have, should have
goes up in flames,
the fear of what's about to unfold
is the mind's one of many cruel games.

There's a lot to savour in this brief life
make the most of every moment,
don't be so obsessed with TOMORROW
for it's the source of deep sorrow.


Eclipsed by the shadows of ego
drunk on self-conceit
the hardwired beliefs
some fallible, others concrete.

Man and his greed
all the vices in between
willingly unkeen.

Lying in the dungeons of darkness
only to rot in misery
from unawares to awareness
unconscious to consciousness
certainly an inner thing
illuminate the life from within
let there be light
and soar to greater heights.


No half measures
I like to go at full throttle,
inebriating the body, mind and spirit
emptying many a bottle.

Setting in with ease
friendly from the outset,
gripping the life as time goes by
biggest foe one ever met.

Immersed deeply in my trap
a vicious circle to come out from,
as enticing as it could be
left to hopelessly roam.

I burn down houses
reduce them to ashes,
spreading misery along the way
leading to household clashes.

Luring into my pit
intoxicating the soul,
not easy to escape from my clutches
as i sink you down a deep hole.

Foray into my world
at your own peril,
for you shall never be the same again
I'm that evil.


Four letter word 
ton full of baggage
engulfing the spirit
a blow too savage

Fear of failure
figment of imagination
ruling the mind
clipping the wings
just before take off

Shackles of fear
too hard to break free from
the speculation runs rife
it imprisons for life

Fearing the fear
many a great feats nipped in the bud
leaving a cloud of despondency
that rains havoc
drenching the soul

Filled with shades of grey
bereft of joyous colour
fear likes it sombre
makes the life duller

Muster the courage
to overcome fear
for it would be worth it
saving the life that's so dear


Moving with a purpose along the glory road,
hitting the social potholes,
overcoming all obstacles so far,
only to be stuck at life's crossroads.
Having come a long way,
never with an intention to turn back,
just when it's all coming together,
distracting viewpoints from all across gather.

The social set up attempts to fetter the soul,
the endeavour being to break free,
this constant tussle taking a heavy toll,
that too when it's time to roll.
Left and right are 'supposedly' greener pastures,
easier paths with fewer challenges,
challenges never deterred the will,
lack of belief shown however isn't fitting the bill.