A seed cracks up, loses itself
for it yearns to be a tree
from beneath the mud
to soaring high up above
the flowers now bloom from the bud.

The journey continues
the flower bears fruit
the seed finds it's greatest expression
it's sacrifice was worth it
adhering to the natural progression.

From a seed to the fruit
the journey wasn't easy
with summers soaking up the moisture
the winters laden with frost
it patiently waited for the monsoon
but it was gone too soon
made most of what it got
and never complained
happily shed it's leaves in the autumn
for it knew spring shall also come.

The seed taught us
to diligently take each step on the path
to accept and embrace whatever comes it's way
You too my friend, learn from it
stay on course, don't digress
endure - greatness is around the corner
just follow THE PROCESS.