A thought overdrive
an emotional frenzy
of broken promises
but there was love, right
and love never hurts
nothing to lose, only to gain
then what causes the searing pain?

Oh! The unexpected realm reared it's ugly head
only yourself to be blamed
after all with your silly expectations
was this monster continuously fed.

The source of your trepidation
isn't somewhere else but within
relationships would breathe easy
but sadly, this limitation
they do choke
under the crippling weight of expectations.


Tides rising above the horizon,
immensity of water makes one frighten;
it's never tiring spirit captivating,
water gushing down the beach for mating.

Turbulence in the sea during the monsoon,
intensity heightened on full moon;
constant flirting with the sand dune,
while dancing to its own tune.

From the day's land breeze,
to the night's sea breeze;
interplay of high-low pressure,
amidst all this sea being the aggressor.
Days of peace and seclusion, 
basking in the romantic delusion;
feeling of water touching the feet,
something that can't be beat.

During the monsoon the sea being anything but affable,
for the violence in it easily palpable;
it sucks you in with it's enigma,
yet never ceases to bowl you over with it's charisma.
The beauty it holds is unlike anything seen,
albeit quashing your ego to smithereens;
the sea sings it's own carol,
embrace it at your own peril.