Where’d the love go?

Romantic delusions
fairy-tale illusions
now in seclusion
heartfelt effusions
something's amiss
more than just the kiss

Of broken promises
my soulful verses
but she always loved prose
in her love, I rose

Nothing really went wrong
she affirmed it's a bond that's lifelong
it all transpired overnight
something out of my sight

Once upon a time magic happened
but now the passion seems dampened
it wasn't so long ago
babe where'd the love go?


Abstruse yet intrusive
no use yet obtrusive
sometimes abusive
other times elusive
unlike anything heard
such is the magic of words

When humble and not snooty
they enthrall with their beauty
words can hurt
words can heal
they are the real deal

Bitter one moment
sweet the other
for a fine exponent
there's no opponent

From depression to motivation
heartfelt expression and frustration
words cater to all needs
of different cultures and creeds

Some words inspire
some conspire
some evoke love
some invoke hate
from the vast assortment of words
which all you shall use?
choose your words wisely
for they lead to glory
but when used wrongly
they can spread gory


A cocktail of itinerant thoughts
a heady mixture
with a strong texture
once high on me
i guarantee a hangover
potentially it's game over

I'm a rage these days
starting as early as teens
powerful than nicotine
debilitating effects unlike anything seen
i'm toxic, mean and everything in between

Not a disease per se
but a catalyst for many
the system not in tune
from Alzheimer's to disorders like auto-immune

I'm a faithful companion
fighting me is like fighting a battalion
PTSD and it's associated mental drama
even with you post trauma

Cortisol- the stress hormone
birthed from my womb
potent to wreck havoc alone
you in your own body entombed

How to escape from my clutches
no one really has an answer to
pharmaceutical companies exploiting in my name
but can't end my game

Look inwards and love yourself
accept everything the way it is
grateful and joyful by nature
let these be your defining features
and i promise to set you free
to live a life full of glee


I'm the almighty
undeniably flighty
thrive in the moment
calmness my fierce opponent

Ruin where i manifest
as I creep in like a pest
put patience to test
not letting anyone rest

Darkness my dear friend
stays with me till the very end
compulsive by nature
I practice usurpature

Burning everything down
relationships I drown
master at hurting
if someone keeps flirting

Expert in inflicting pain
without any gain
steal people's happiness
gift them the sadness

Addictive by taste
I set in with haste
when regularly consumed
you are forever doomed

A tyrant in disguise
I live life king size
powerful with every moment I live
although misery is all I can give

As deadly as a serpent's kiss
rob you of all the bliss
love being my antidote
that chokes my throat
and keeps you afloat.


Yearning beyond yearn
a heart that burns
a feeling unlike none
shining like the sun

Can't help but wait
for the moment ever so great
hoping it won't be too late
before we passionately mate

Thought triggers a wave
for talking it craves
breaking free from the mind's cave
to ask her out would be brave

No acquaintance as of now
question of acceptance - how?
would her heart allow?
in case yes, it would be - wow

Merely a figment of imagination?
will it end up in indignation?
a need for validation
a case of fascination

Inaccessibility - you are hated
for how you manage to keep her gated
Oh Inaccessibility can't you see we are related
your death will make me elated.


The final of US OPEN 2019 was yet again a perfect example to depict the kind of champion Rafael Nadal has been over the years. The sheer grit and tenacity of the man was once again on display much to the delight of the capacity crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium as well as Tennis fans across the globe. He had to dig deep and fight valiantly till the very end and his relentless attitude served him well as it has over the course of his illustrious career.

Medvedev and Nadal at the start of the match

Nadal was up against a formidable and in-form opponent in Daniil Medvedev who stretched Rafa to the limits in the epic five set final that lasted close to 5 hours. Rafa took the first two sets and was well on his way to running away with the match but Medvedev fought back brilliantly to take the match into the fifth set. Medvedev who was booed throughout the tournament by the New York crowd won many a hearts in the final with the kind of skill set he showcased against one of the all time greats the sport has ever seen. Nadal has just lost one match in his entire career after winning the first two sets and was in no mood to let that change. He went on to take the fifth set and with that won the US OPEN 2019 FINAL 7-5, 6-3, 5-7, 4-6, 6-4. The occasion got the better of Nadal as he broke down in tears after the match and admitted that “This has been one of the most emotional nights in my tennis career.”

Nadal with the US OPEN trophy

This win took him within touching distance of Roger Federer’s 20 Grand Slam wins as this was his 19th Grand Slam victory. It has been a remarkable effort by Rafa owing to his debilitating knee pain over the course of his career. He seems to be fitter and hungrier than ever to leave the demons behind and go on to be the greatest of all times. The passion that drives Rafa is so infectious. Merely watching him perform is a fan’s delight and surely this five set triumph just added to his legend.


She's a dreamer through the day
a poet by the night
much to everyone's delight
wins you by her smile

Scarred by her flaws
but not marred by them
she's perfectly imperfect
falling for her has a beautiful after-effect

Deeply hurt from inside
whenever she chides
for she wants to love
and be remembered as dove

She paints her emotions in grey
is an artist as they say
wows you through her works
a creative genius
in darkness she lurks

She's a mermaid
in the turbulent seas
kind yet fierce
love her or hate her
all at your own peril
for she's a mystery waiting to be solved
through heartbreaks she's evolved

The more you think of her
the more she drowns you
something about her tells me
she yearns to swim along
by design she's intricate
waiting for the one with whom she can be intimate.


The catalyst that ignites
for dreams out of sight
from the miasma of defeat
to accomplishing a great feat
the force that keeps the flame alive
what would a man be bereft of the drive?

When the going gets tough
when life plays rough
when losing seems inevitable
and irrevocable
the drive turns it around and how
everyone left gasping "Holy Cow!"

Well established from the archives
everything significant achieved due to a strong drive
plunge inwards into a deep dive
for it's time to find your drive.


Of inner voices
the self destructive vices
the sinister design
makes one whine
when in line
makes one shine
the endless chatter
even mind over matter
all a manifestation of the inner voices
comes to the rescue in crisis
sometimes detrimental
sometimes therapeutical
from rage
to sage
of love and hate
insignificant to great
the innate power of the inner voices
a plethora of choices
choose wisely with a plan
for the inner voices maketh the man


Her kohl laden eyes 
speak their own language
hypnotic to look into
a force too savage

Eyes however merely an overture
her voice sucks you right in
comforting and seducing at the same time
too good to be true for the times we live in

See her smile
and you'll forget the rest
eliciting a response for sure
as it's simply the best

She captures the imagination
even of the uninitiated
you'll end up falling for her
for she's one of the finest ever created

She's beautiful
would be such an understatement
describing it perfectly
is a writer's predicament.


Four letter word 
ton full of baggage
engulfing the spirit
a blow too savage

Fear of failure
figment of imagination
ruling the mind
clipping the wings
just before take off

Shackles of fear
too hard to break free from
the speculation runs rife
it imprisons for life

Fearing the fear
many a great feats nipped in the bud
leaving a cloud of despondency
that rains havoc
drenching the soul

Filled with shades of grey
bereft of joyous colour
fear likes it sombre
makes the life duller

Muster the courage
to overcome fear
for it would be worth it
saving the life that's so dear


Running out of superlatives to describe that innings from Ben Stokes. The context in which he got England through to victory was nothing short of sensational. One can’t think of the kind of impact he has had on World Cricket over the past couple of months. He has been the shining star in the English summer. From his World Cup heroics to the Ashes saving innings he has grown leaps and bounds as a cricketer and his stature has risen to another level. To leave the horrific shadows of 2016 T20 World Cup Final in India where he conceded 24 runs in the final over which resulted in England losing the epic clash against West Indies and to being where he is at the moment personifies the character of the man. His sheer grit and indomitable spirit helped England level the series 1-1 with two matches to play.

Stokes exults after hitting the winning runs

This loss will haunt Australia for a long time as they were the firm favourites after bundling out England for a paltry 67 runs in the first innings. England faced an uphill task of scoring 359 runs in the fourth innings and the openers managed to contribute just 15 runs. It was left to two Joe’s to resurrect the innings, they survived a wonderful spell of pace bowling by the Aussie quicks and stitched a 126 run partnership for the third wicket to keep England in the game. Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow looked to run away with the game as they had a 86 run stand for the fifth wicket but soon after lunch on Day4 things changed dramatically as England was reduced to 286/9. Australia were just 1 wicket away from retaining the Ashes but Ben Stokes had other plans. He started to farm the strike and in between hit some delectable shots much to the delight of the capacity crowd at Headingley. Some of the outrageous shots he hit included a switch hit for six off Nathan Lyon’s bowling. More drama unfolded with just 2 runs left as Lyon couldn’t grab the ball to run out Leach and the very next ball there was a l.b.w. decision that went against Australia which replays showed was crashing into the stumps. Australia only had themselves to blame as they wasted the review on Leach that too on a ball that was clearly pitching outside leg stump and they ran out of reviews from there on. After what transpired in the closing stages of the match it seemed that England were destined to win.

This win has now made this Ashes series even more interesting with two matches to play. England can breathe a sigh of relief for now but have a lot of work to do if they want to win the series at home as Australia looks a better balanced side especially after Steve Smith set to return for the next game. This Ashes series has once again proved why Test Cricket is at the pinnacle of this beautiful game of Cricket.