A cocktail of itinerant thoughts
a heady mixture
with a strong texture
once high on me
i guarantee a hangover
potentially it's game over

I'm a rage these days
starting as early as teens
powerful than nicotine
debilitating effects unlike anything seen
i'm toxic, mean and everything in between

Not a disease per se
but a catalyst for many
the system not in tune
from Alzheimer's to disorders like auto-immune

I'm a faithful companion
fighting me is like fighting a battalion
PTSD and it's associated mental drama
even with you post trauma

Cortisol- the stress hormone
birthed from my womb
potent to wreck havoc alone
you in your own body entombed

How to escape from my clutches
no one really has an answer to
pharmaceutical companies exploiting in my name
but can't end my game

Look inwards and love yourself
accept everything the way it is
grateful and joyful by nature
let these be your defining features
and i promise to set you free
to live a life full of glee

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