She's a dreamer through the day
a poet by the night
much to everyone's delight
wins you by her smile

Scarred by her flaws
but not marred by them
she's perfectly imperfect
falling for her has a beautiful after-effect

Deeply hurt from inside
whenever she chides
for she wants to love
and be remembered as dove

She paints her emotions in grey
is an artist as they say
wows you through her works
a creative genius
in darkness she lurks

She's a mermaid
in the turbulent seas
kind yet fierce
love her or hate her
all at your own peril
for she's a mystery waiting to be solved
through heartbreaks she's evolved

The more you think of her
the more she drowns you
something about her tells me
she yearns to swim along
by design she's intricate
waiting for the one with whom she can be intimate.

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