Me and my sisters
A relation most genuine, 
for it being consanguine;
since childhood partners in crime,
the bond endures through time.

Everlasting pillars of strength,
even though not at arm's length;
the soulful connection,
despite being in life's different direction.

From the playful exuberance, 
starting before pubescence;
to the serious conversations,
On life's undulating situations.
Much appreciated for being such a sport,
a constant source of support;
stand by you through thick and thin,
always there for you as they are your kin.
This love is beyond comparison,
both would vouch for it in unison;
together no less than a cavalry,
bask in the sibling revelry.

In the Indian tradition today is the day that signifies the importance of brother-sister relationship and is called Rakshabandhan. ‘Raksha’ means to protect and ‘Bandhan’ means the bond that binds. Sisters tie a thread on brother’s wrist called RAKHI and the brothers vow to protect them.

I have been blessed to have three elder sisters who have showered me with so much love throughout and are my pillars of strength. My today’s post is a tribute to this wonderful relationship between brothers and sisters.


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