Tides rising above the horizon,
immensity of water makes one frighten;
it's never tiring spirit captivating,
water gushing down the beach for mating.

Turbulence in the sea during the monsoon,
intensity heightened on full moon;
constant flirting with the sand dune,
while dancing to its own tune.

From the day's land breeze,
to the night's sea breeze;
interplay of high-low pressure,
amidst all this sea being the aggressor.
Days of peace and seclusion, 
basking in the romantic delusion;
feeling of water touching the feet,
something that can't be beat.

During the monsoon the sea being anything but affable,
for the violence in it easily palpable;
it sucks you in with it's enigma,
yet never ceases to bowl you over with it's charisma.
The beauty it holds is unlike anything seen,
albeit quashing your ego to smithereens;
the sea sings it's own carol,
embrace it at your own peril.


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