An inexplicable bonding beyond family,
a connection so profound,
friendship is an end in itself,
the spell it casts is unbound.

Sail through the ups and downs of life,
with a friend in tow,
be thankful for having one,
soar to newer highs from every low.

A friend accepts you the way you are,
rather than what they want you to be,
this quality being so rare,
makes you shed your ego of 'me'.

Friendship being an informal relation,
there isn't anything to hide,
let all your troubles out,
for in friends you confide.

The banter that goes around,
is unlike in any other relation,
away from all the sorrows,
filled with joy and elation.

A true friend believes in you when no one does,
the underlying factor being trust,
an assured aide to fall back upon,
for the faith shown in you is robust.

True friendship endures for a lifetime,
it's sweetness grows with each passing day,
the mutual admiration being sky high,
it knows the route to your heart's way.

Let friends be your companions for life,
for they dismiss every uncalled for blip,
set sail with them to uncharted terrains
and cruise down the life on 'friend'ship.


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