We as humans always have the longing to push our boundaries and strive for expansion in all walks of life. This is the most fundamental aspect of human beings that they have the conscious desire to reach out and explore newer dimensions of life. Nothing wrong with that at all but in doing so what’s the attitude like, is what defines an individual. People who practice gratitude in everything they do are the ones who are most admired and whatever they achieve seems to be more significant for the lives they touch through their acts. Being thankful for the little things in life goes on in making the life much larger and blissful.

The whole perception of looking at things changes once someone starts to be grateful for everything that this magnificent life has to offer. Well it’s not something that comes naturally but once someone starts to accept their fallacies and look at things just the way they are rather than trying to find fault with them, then gradually over a period of time the seed of gratitude starts to find expression. Once that happens life becomes less burdensome and more enjoyable. A sense of reverence sets in for this wonderful creation and the way you connect with everything around you changes drastically. Contempt and hatred for others starts waning and subsequently turns to love and respect. You learn to embrace life like never before and that in itself is a wonderful thing that can possibly happen to someone. By adopting GRATITUDE IN ATTITUDE you not only become thankful but also more receptive in life. It’s an experiential thing and once someone cultivates this quality then the fruits they get from it are very sweet. May you taste this sweetness that’s so apparent and abundant in life.


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