Doubt and Faith are on the opposite ends of the spectrum and both just can’t stand each other. When doubt sets in, it gags on the faith. Where there’s unwavering faith, doubt is no where to be seen. Both these human emotions loathe each other and can’t co-exist. Doubt destroys whatever comes in it’s way while faith is the instrument that builds bridges of trust, love and harmony. Self-doubt can be crippling while having faith in one’s own capabilities can be empowering. Faith is the crest while doubt is the trough on the wave of life. Doubt asks some serious questions which faith answers with humility. Doubt’s hate for faith is immense but even then faith’s love for doubt is unbridled. Doubt holds an aversion for the belief system while faith makes you believe in the endless possibilities. Faith gives you wings to fly whereas doubt is too scared to take off. Doubt resists life, faith on the other hand embraces life. Doubt lingers on insignificantly while faith thrives with significance. Doubt attracts as it takes less time to acquire, faith takes the road less travelled and takes a lot of time but for sure is enduring. Keeping the flame of faith alive amidst the winds of doubt is an arduous task but the effort is worth it. Break up with doubt and let faith be your companion for life.



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