Just when everything seems to be going well, life knocks you down and the going gets tough. At some point in our lives we face such a predicament and it is in those times that our character is tested to the hilt. Eternal happiness is not something guaranteed just because we want it, that’s not how it works. Life has it’s own meandering course; one who acknowledges, accepts and flows with this simple fact ends up embracing life rather than resisting it. All this with a smile on their face and that’s when the beauty of life unravels.

No denying that certain uncanny situations are too much to handle and we react compulsively. But in hindsight, we find that those things could have been handled much better. This is where the magic of ‘SMILE’ can be used effectively. Just before compulsively reacting if we are able to smile from within and confront the situation our response would be entirely different and would be more methodical and sensible. One can not change what life throws at them but for sure their response is totally in their own hands. Most of the people today boil over small petty issues in day to day life. There are umpteen situations in a day which could well be dealt with a slice of humour on their part. Smile can be very deceiving for few as one would argue that smiling just like that without a cause is like living in a fool’s paradise. Well at least they are better off to be in paradise than someone with a constantly depressing long face. There’s no shame in smiling at your own fallacies.

A simple yet effective expression of smiling can trigger a wave of complex chemical reactions in our body that lead us to a state of blissfulness. It is such a basic human emotion that seems to have been redundant in these modern times. It’s high time we bring it back by recognizing the power of ‘Smile’ and the potential it has to offer.


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