The word GURU as derived from the Sanskrit language has two syllables: GU and RU. “GU” means “darkness of ignorance” and “RU” means “one who removes”. So put together the word GURU literally means “one who dispels darkness of ignorance”. Now one would argue by stating that “Ignorance is Bliss”, a Guru is someone who goes beyond that and enhances the blissfulness by dispelling the darkness from within caused by ignorance in the first place. A Guru opens up the door way to uncharted territories by projecting the light to avenues beyond the perceivable dimensions physically as well as psychologically.

The word Guru is a fancy term used in today’s times for anyone who teaches or imparts knowledge. But there’s a distinct difference between a teacher and a Guru. A teacher is confined to acquainting the student with a certain set of facts and knowledge while a Guru opens up the realms of Self-transformation by making one focus on what is necessary for their growth and well being. There’s a latitudinal shift in one’s perception once someone is bestowed with the grace of the Guru. A Guru will do what is necessary for one’s betterment and their actions might raise a few eyebrows every now and then but there has to be an unwavering trust on the Guru for one to experience that grace. It isn’t something philosophical rather an experiential process and one has to be absolutely devoted in order to taste the magical grace of the Guru.

Finding a true Guru in today’s day and age is in itself an arduous task but if one is willing they’ll surely find their Guru and once that happens life becomes full of immense possibilities. On this auspicious day of GURU PURNIMA may everyone be blessed by their Guru and strive for inner growth beyond their sensory perceptions and live a life of eternal happiness.


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